What initially piqued my interest in programming was a creative urge. Since I developed my first interactive map, I have always found it hugely satisfying to see one’s product gradually gain more and more features.

This creative urge means that I am constantly looking for new challenges and love to play with new technologies. How I approach these challenges depends on the work environment I sit in. I can easily focus independently on a task, but my experience is that development goes faster in close collaboration with others. I am also a big supporter of interaction with the client that I develop for. Here my less technical bachelor is useful, as this provides a broad interdisciplinary understanding and has made me an experienced interviewer.

Personally, I am outgoing, hardworking and proactive. In my free time I like to sit and nerd with small technical optimizations of my everyday life, such as a assistant tool for project writing or an alarm app which can sense if you have left the room. However, I am also socially inclined in my free time, where I do improv theater weekly, host board game evenings or other cozy events. In both my professional and social life, I am always looking for new experiences.